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Mini FX is a tiny and simplified version of PixaTool by @DavitMasia, where you can pixelate, modify hue/saturation/brightness or add dithering to an image.

In addition to his, Mini FX can also load Lospec palettes on the go just with url links.


If you already have Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX or Smear FX you'll get a 100% discount when purchasing Mini FX.


The thing that makes Mini FX useful is that it can load Lospec palettes directly via url with ease:

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Get this tool and 15 more starting at $49.95
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$5.99 $2.99 USD or more

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MiniFX_Win.zip 2 MB


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Mini FX causes  blue screen of death on my machine....  Is there some dependency this program needs or what? The screen flashes multiple times and then just BSOD. :/ 


Hi, I see that I can get MiniFX for free if I own either Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX or Smear FX. 

Now I own not only those, but also  PixaTool and VecMaker (both PixaTool and VecMaker I own on Itch.io).

However, I own Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX and Smear FX on Steam. Am I still qualified for a free MiniFX copy?


same to me

Same. But would like to know if it could be ready for steam soon so I could get it there instead.

when I click the save button I can choose where I want it to save and what it should be called but when I do nothing happens, the file never saves 

Hi there, check out that you are not saving to the same folder where the app is located, for some reason it doesn't work in certain computers.

ok yup that was the problem, thanks for the help 

How do you change palettes with your own custom colors? (Without using one of Lospec's) And can you do it offline too?

Hi there, there's no support for that at the momento but that's something I can easily add when I get time to update the app :)

That would be very appreciated :)

Hi! I found a small bug. When I try to load an image then cancel the process, when I click on the palette icon, the program crashes.

Silly oversight on my end! I'll fix it in the next update.

Hi, I have a feedback, when I tried to use the pallete from Lospec the first time, I accidently copied something I'm not sure, and I press Ctrl+V on MiniFX, then MiniFX crashed, I tried many times to make it import pallete properly. Can you add some instruction on the app or in the readme file, or some offline pallete loading to make it easier to use? Thanks!

Hi there!

IIRC Mini FX doesn't have a check for file format, and I can easily add it this weekend when I get some free time :) Adding instructions in-app sounds like a good plan too.

Is there a demo for this or for any of your other software?

All the other tools have a demo, but this one being so small I didn't add it. I'll add it in the future.

Thanks for the info.

Hi! I'm a big fan of your gamedev tools! I have Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX and Smear FX on Steam, and Pixatool here on itch. Can I have Mini FX for free?


Absolutely, send me a DM over Twitter on @CodeManuPro :)