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Hello, I liked your work and I want to use it in a college project to finish my course. Can I use it? I will mention you for the sprites that I use. Thanks!

Amazing these make me really want to buy your tool lol

Thanks for the effects dude


thanks! love it !

Great job!!!!

These effects are beautiful! Definitely gotta try them out!

will they work in RMMZ ?

Hi there! I recently used this Effects Pack in my newest game! Figured I'd show ya and let ya know! :D

I also included your name in the credits!

Thank you very much!

wohoho these are cool

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Cool  animations!

Wooow, it's cool!

Ooh, would you consider making more of these effects and selling some in packs?  These look amazing

Thank you, these look absolutely amazing

Super, j'adore...

Which are the frame size and posizion? I have to import in GMS2 and i need to know the specs to create individual frame from entire tilesheet.

How can i use this on unity


Spritesheet animations


Im not a expert with copyright but do i have permission to use this to create a paid game


That is what public domain is for :)


I used this resource to create a free Android game.
Thank you for creating and distributing great resources!

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


Just the thing I'm looking for :)

These look great how did you learn how to make these effects


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have used your artwork in a free to play Android game available at:

You have been credited as per instructions on our credits page here:

Thanks for producing great artwork!




These look amazing! Awesome work

cool, i need to check the programv u used to create these

this is dope great job