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Flash, Scale, Skew, Shake, Wobble, Jump, Wave even you can add an outline effect with any disered color.

This app can work in two modes: HD or pixel style to fit your game needs which you can change at any time.

To stay updated, you can follow @CodeManuPro and @DavitMasia on Twitter for last news and upcoming features. Also there is a comunity on you can leave your feedback or report bugs.

The tree art is made by @artofsully
Took around 2min to load the assets, placed in the correct layer and set some basic wave deformation to get this finall animation.


  • Add style to your sprites and animations with ease.
  • Use the included presets to have some quick results.
  • Change X/Y scale with damping and speed sliders.
  • Skew and rotate the sprite with speed and damping.
  • Quickly change between "Pixel Art" and "HD" to fulfill your needs.
  • Change the origin of the sprites to perform different animations.
  • Add color flash and screenshake.
  • Import your color palettes in .Pal format until 256 colors.
  • Over time effects including: wobbling, jumping and wave distortion.
  • Use different layers and images to perform more complex.
  • Add outline and blend/tint to the sprites.
  • Save and load your own presets.
  • Export your animations into a spritesheet, .GIF or export it by single frames.
  • Tool in continuous development, new features will be added over time.
  • You can export animations until 512x512.
*** Pay for the app once, any future updates are free ***

Games Using JuiceFX

Guts & Goals by @CodeManuPro.  

As you can see in the gif, most animations in the game are just static sprites with some FX added with the tool.

Scourge Bringer By @MrHelmut

"And we're using juicefx to animate faster our background elements in #ScourgeBringer." - Thomas Altenburger



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StatusIn development
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Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Animation, particles, Pixel Art, Sprites


Get this tool and 29 more starting at $49.95
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$19.95 $14.96 USD or more

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