Juice FX v2.0.0.0(beta) released!

The new Juice FX v2.0 beta is now available!

Steps to activate the beta version

  •  Right click 'Juice FX' on your library
  •  Click 'Properties'
  •  Go to 'Betas'
  •  Select "v2.0.0.0" from the dropdown list.
  •  The app will start updating to the new version.

What's new in Juice FX v2.0?

If this caught you by surprise, the v2.0 update is a full rewrite of Juice FX from scratch, and brings lots of new features and improvements. The major points being:

  • New UI/UX.
  • Layer support with infinite(ish) images.
  • NodeGraph system with lots of nodes to expand your animation.
  • New rendering engine that It's about 20x faster.
  • Lots of cool features like localization support, arbitrary canvas size, improved export options (frameskipping, mp4 video)
  • Smearing effects included.

Have in mind that this is a beta version, and that there will be bugs and things missing or to be improved.


JuiceFX v2.0.0.0.zip 33 MB
Aug 31, 2022

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is there any way to copy nodes from one system to another?

Yes, you can go to the node graph section, and go to System > Import/Expor

Nice work on the new release.  Is wheel mouse rolling the only way for setting smaller increments for the slider values?  Would be nice if they changed by 1 when scrolling, but by 0.1 while holding ctrl, or is there a way to manual type in a value?

You can also press Left Control + Mouse to change the slider into an input field. Adding shift/ctrl modifiers to wheel scrolling sounds good though.

Nice but will v2 run on MacOS?


I'll look into porting this to OSX/Linux early next year.