Juice FX v1.2.0.1 hotfix and about v1.3

Hello everybody!

I've finally ported Juice FX to the new version of GMS v2.3, despite working on JuiceFX v1.3, I was reluctant to port it just because there was a lot of incompatible code with the new 2.3 syntaxis that would delay the update further and because I wanted to focus on solving the save/load issue.

Funny thing is, I've ported it, and as soon as the port was finished, the save/load issue seems to be gone, which makes me think that it's been a GMS related bug all the time.

I uploaded this version into a hidden "unstable" branch for Discord users to test it out, and it seems to be working fine now as it should. But have in mind that this update WON'T fix older corrupted projects, to do that we have a "de-corrupt" project tool in the tool's Discord. You can join if you haven't already here: https://discord.gg/azdqRf8

Last thing I wanted to say, that this is just a hotfix, It doesn't include any of the new v1.3 features, that will come later in December.


JuiceFX v1.2.0.1.zip 27 MB
Nov 22, 2020
JuiceFX v1.2.0.1 DEMO.zip 27 MB
Nov 22, 2020

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