Juice FX v1.0.3 released!

Juice FX v1.0.3


· You can now save and load projects, which include all layers with their images.
· New <Fade Out> tab added, where you can explode your sprites!
· New <Reverse> function which renders the animation backwards.
· Extended mouse control:
· Right mouse click <RMB> to input a value manually.
· Middle mouse click to reset the value to default.
· Mouse wheel to change the value by one step.
· New presets: <Explode> and <Shatter>


· UI bug that made a slider move even if you were not clicking it has been fixed.
· Time function was made framerate dependant so dipping below 60fps on the app won't break the seamless looping.
· <New> function now resets all values properly.
· Most of the sliders have been changed to reduce the step amount.
· Render time has been increased up to 5 seconds.


JuiceFX v1.0.3.zip 26 MB
Mar 11, 2019
JuiceFX v1.0.3 DEMO.zip 26 MB
Mar 11, 2019

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