Juice FX v1.0.4 released!


· Array Export (Work in progress): Exports a .txt file containing an array of arrays. The main array contain a sub-array for each frame of the animation. The sub-array contain the 4 points of the sprite, given this format (top_left_x,top_left_y,top_right_x,top_right_y,bottom_right_x,bottom_right_y,bottom_left_x,bottom_left_y). This export should allow a custom importer to be made in any engine. 
· Better Waves: Now waves are divided in horizontal and vertical, allowing for more customization.
· Shockwave Burst: A shockwave effect has been added to the burst section.
· Flips: Make the sprite flip like a coin with a simple slider.
· Color Pulse: Change the sprite tint over time.


· Shockwave.
· Low HP.


· FPS can now be changed in steps of 1.
· Some sliders steps have been reworked for easier use.
· Auto-Simulate after a value has been changed can now be deactivated.


· Fade Out's break effect now works properly on HD mode.
· Several small bugs have been fixed.


JuiceFX v1.0.4.zip 27 MB
Apr 24, 2019
JuiceFX v1.0.4 DEMO.zip 27 MB
Apr 24, 2019

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