Juice FX v1.1.0 released!


  • LUA Live Scripting: You can now use LUA along with some extra functions to go even further beyond with JuiceFX. The documentation is included with the app but it can also be checked here: http://codemanu.pro/juicefx
  • Easing: Some of the most common easing functions have been added to the tool and can be applied to all the timed effects.
  • The layers can now be rotated using the Wheel Mouse, and scaled using Left CTRL + Wheel Mouse.
  • Dithering has been added in the palette section.
  • Flips now have a time slider.
  • 5 new presets have been added.


  • Using non-opaque sprites will no longer affect the render result.
  • The crash that happened when opening a v1.0.3 project has been fixed.
  • Layers no longer need to be a power of 2 so they stay still when rendering.


JuiceFX v1.1.0.zip 26 MB
Jun 17, 2019
JuiceFX v1.1.0 DEMO.zip 26 MB
Jun 17, 2019

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