SpriteMancer v0.1.1.0 Released!

  • GUI Scaling has been added. This is a work in progress feature that will be improved in the next updates.
  • Images can now be animated by slicing a spritesheet or loading a GIF.
  • GIF file support for images.
  • 25 examples have been added.
  • Added 'YellowAfterLife' to credits for GMLive and GIF support.
  • Layer preview can now be seen in the layer section.
  • Added 'Input' node. This allows having multiple inputs in the node graph.
  • Added 'Math' nodes: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Value.
  • Added 'Curve' node.
  • Added 'Gaussian Blur' node.
  • Added 'Radial Blur' node.
  • Added 'Motion Blur' node.
  • Added 10 'Ring' particle images.
  • 'Shatter' preset has been added to Image element.
  • Added 'Show welcome screen on start' to preferences menu.
  • Added 'Show node values' to preferences menu.

  • Layer coordinates are now shown in the inspector.
  • Fluid material scale can now be locked in pairs.
  • Easing node now has an input.
  • Node output value is now shown in the node graph.
  • Nodes now have a context menu when right clicked.
  • Nodes are now properly depth sorted.
  • Node 'Search Node' input is now focused when first open.
  • Node sizes have been readjusted.
  • Removed 'Node Systems' System.
  • Japanese localization has been improved by Discord member: hebekeg
  • Chinsese (Simplified) localization has been added by Discord member: UnluckyNinja

  • 'Break' FX should now properly recognize image offsets.
  • 'Smear' FX should now work properly with sliced images.
  • Fixed an error that made images not snap to coordinates correctly.
  • Fixed an error that made 'Break' FX crash with small canvases.
  • Fixed an error that allowed panels to be resized when a modal was open.
  • 'Center Origin' button no longer crashes the app when no images are loaded.
  • Added a fail safe that should prevent the windows going out of bounds.


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62 days ago
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62 days ago

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