SpriteMancer v0.1.1.1 Released!

  • Node Graph can now be zoomed in and out.
  • Export animation path is now remembered between sessions.
  • Import/Export project path is now remembered between sessions.
  • Added scrollbars to previews.
  • Added "Enable panel resizing" to the main menu.
  • Added "Node Graph" section in preferences.
  • Added an option "Create new nodes at mouse position" to preferences.
  • Added "Drag and drop" support for GIF files.
  • Added "Rotation" node.
  • Added "Scale" node.
  • Added "Skew" node.

  • Particle's life is now shown in seconds instead of frames.
  • Render duration is now shown in seconds instead of frames.
  • Re-ordered "Preferences" window.
  • Nodes input/outputs have been moved up to make space for future multiple inputs/outputs.
  • Nodes now read their name from the language file instead of the project file.
  • "Precision" slider in "Smear" fx is now normalized instead of going from 0 to 400.
  • Removed rounding from Layers section for consistency.

  • Context menu no longer will shift nodes when zoomed.
  • "Smear" fx will no longer render while "Break" fx is active.
  • "Break" fx modes are now properly sorted.
  • Adjusted nodes creation coordinates.
  • "Shatter" image preset will no longer remove the slice properties of an image.
  • Simulation is now properly played after the "Loop problem" window shows up.
  • Changing UI scale no longer reverts back to the default font.
  • Changing language no longer resets UI scale to 1.00x.
  • App window will now be properly placed back in bounds after going out of bounds.
  • Fixed some links in the about section that didn't use the proper https protocol.
  • Project preview has been better adjusted to the panel.
  • Canvas is now properly cleared after each node pass.
  • Fixed an error that would crash the app when loading 3D Models.
  • Fixed an error that would crash the app If it tried to load a language file that no longer exists.
  • Fixed an error that would make images inherit wrong colors from nodes.
  • Fixed an error that would make the preview look darker than it should.
  • Fixed an error that would crash the app If the window was resized while a sliced image was being rendered.


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59 days ago
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59 days ago

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As per the email, how do we go about getting the free version, if we have already purchased a package previously?

Sorry the offer ended on Jan 22nd. It was explained in the email both how to retrieve it and the duration of the offer.

Oh no!  I understand it was explained clearly but some of us are juggling quite a lot and had still hoped to take up the offer -- just left it a bit late!  I thought it was until the end of Jan but came and realised I got my dates mixed up!  Really sorry!  Please can you give us a few more days?  Pretty please :)

I'm actually making some exceptions during this month, please reply to the email you got from Itchio.