SpriteMancer v0.1.1.2 Released!

  • Added new element "Shape".
  • Added image transformation box to Image element. This allows quick resizing and rotation of an image.
  • Added .MOV support with transparency.
  • Added backup loading when opening SpriteMancer after a crash.
  • Added an option to scale GIF output.
  • Added an option to set Spritesheet distribution: Compact, Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Added an option to match video speed to preview speed for MP4/MOV/WEBM exports.
  • Added a new blendmode "Clipping Mask".
  • Added "Black And White" node.
  • Added "Threshold" node.
  • Added "Outer Glow" node.
  • Added new templates: 3D Pixelart, Entity Hit, Explosion, Fire, Fire Pixel and Thanos Effect.
  • Added an experimental "Juice FX 2.0" project importer.

  • Export preview window has been completely reworked.
  • GIF export has been completely changed, allowing transparency and better results.
  • Spritesheet export has been completely changed, allowing big spritesheet sizes.
  • Render time step time changed from 0.10s to 0.25s.
  • Default project is now empty. (Removed emitter)
  • Changed MP4 video encoder.
  • "Project Scale" value can now be less than 1.
  • Node modifiers chains are now fully disabled when the queue is broken.

  • Improved rendering speed by removing old code.
  • Improved node graph performance by refactoring the code.
  • Frameskip no longer speeds up videos and gifs.
  • Math nodes values can now be negative.
  • Canvas resize window can now be closed with Enter key.
  • Curve node no longer breaks when using specific values.
  • Image's Timed section time sliders can no longer reach zero and crash the app.
  • Helpers "Below/Above" are now included in the preferences file.
  • All time sliders can now be set to any values using CTRL+LMB and no longer snap to the closest step value.


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