Pixel FX Designer v1.1.6.0 released!

Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.6.0 Changelog


  • Particle Repel engine: New function in Particles>Motion that allow particles to push each other.
  • Random Seed selection: You can now set the random seed for seamless looping so if you find a seed that you like, it doesn't get randomized again.
  • 11 new examples to showcase the new features.


  • Alpha now works properly. Yes it does, It's finally here.
  • Render Desync when rendering while running the app below 60fps is now fixed, no more broken loops.
  • Input windows will no longer start out of focus.
  • Several minor bugfixes.


PixelFXDesigner116_windows.zip 131 MB
Nov 06, 2019
PixelFXDesigner116_windows_demo.zip 131 MB
Nov 06, 2019

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