Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.5.4 released!

Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.5.4 Changelog


  • Export animation separate frames.
  • Quick change between emitters with <CTRL + NUMBER> hotkeys.


  • Manual Render doesn't go infinite anymore.
  • Pivot point for custom particles is now properly saved on .ppd project files.
  • Reference image now scales properly when set to render.
  • Reference image can now be rendered in front of the particle system.
  • The correct amount of desired frames are now rendered, instead of desired frames + 1.
  • Cancelling when loading a custom particle will no longer crash the app.
  • Changing pivot point for custom particles will no longer crash the app.
  • CTRL+S after creating a new project will no longer crash the app.
  • Lists will now update when changing keyframes.


PixelFXDesigner1154_win_full.zip 129 MB
Dec 18, 2018
PixelFXDesigner1154_win_demo.zip 129 MB
Dec 18, 2018

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