Pixel FX Designer v2.0.0.8(beta) released!


  • Glitch FX Node.
  • De-Noiser Node.
  • Undo System.
  • Credits updated.
  • 'Waves' node now has time included.
  • Images origin can now be changed.
  • Added 'Pixel Interpolation' to images.
  • Added misc icons to the app.


  • [Fixed] Layers can be deleted while editing a slider field.
  • [Fixed] Deleting a layer that a Node System is using will crash the app.
  • [Fixed] Dithering node is bugged.
  • [Fixed] Selecting a particle from the sprite library sometimes crashes de app.
  • [Fixes] New images aren't properly placed in the center.


PixelFXDesigner2008_windows.zip 138 MB
Aug 08, 2022

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