Pixel FX Designer v2.0.0.4(beta) released!

The new Pixel FX Designer v2.0 beta is now available!

If this caught you by surprise, the v2.0 update is a full rewrite of Pixel FX Designer from scratch, and brings lots of new features and improvements. The major points being:

  •  New UI/UX.
  •  Layer support with infinite emitter, particles and images.
  •  NodeGraph system with lots of nodes to expand your animation.
  •  New rendering engine that It's about 20x faster.
  •  Lots of cool features like localization support, arbitrary canvas size, improved export options (frameskipping, mp4 video)

Have in mind that this is a beta version, and that there will be bugs and things missing or to be improved. 


PixelFXDesigner2004_windows.zip 137 MB
Mar 28, 2022

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Nice! when will the standard version release?

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I bought it on steam. Will i have access to this beta version ?

Thanks for the update. Will there be some video tutorials? Because the documentation under HELP isn't doing anything?

Another question, I see there are 2 other downloads for me to download "DavitMasia Emitters (33)" & "Particles Pack (1000)").
Where do these fit in the software? Are they like libraries? Can they be used in the latest version? Thanks in advance!

Literally just decided to try the software out again, and BAM a huge new update. Love it

OMG It's awesome!!