Pixel FX Designer v1.1.7.0 released!

Pixel FX Designer v1.1.7.0


- Paths now have an easing option, including the most common easing curves.
- New function: Image Contour. You can now load an image and the particles will spawn on its contour.
- New function: Auto-Trimming. Now when exporting an sprite sheet you'll have the option to trim it in order to reduce space. You'll get the new frame size on the file name suggestion.
- You can now drag and drop images and PPD projects directly into the app.
- GIF are now supported as custom particles. You can drop them into the app or use the custom sprite add function.
- Blur/Glow/Chromatic Aberration effects have been improved.


- Alpha now works correctly.
- Emitter position is now correctly loaded from projects.
- Rendering odd frames won't do weird things anymore.
- All example projects now work correctly.
- Chromatic aberration effect is now properly loaded from project files.
- Glow effect is now properly loaded from project files.
- Blur effect is now properly loaded from project files.
- Render FPS value is now properly saved and loaded from project files.
- Writing text into a slider while introducing a custom value will no longer crash the app.
- Particles will no longer flash on the final frame of their life.
- Timeline is now reset when hitting Render, Play or Burst buttons.
- Buttons will no longer disappear after getting a app message.
- Loading custom particle sprites will no longer crash the app randomly.


PixelFXDesigner117_windows_full.zip 133 MB
Oct 26, 2020
PixelFXDesigner117_windows_demo.zip 133 MB
Oct 26, 2020

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