Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.2 released!

Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.2 Changelog


  • Emitters now have an option to add a start delay, they won't start emitting until that delay has ended.
  • Emittors now have an option to add particle delay, It will emit a particle every X frames.
  • Emitters 'Layers' added, allowing to change the draw order of the particles.


  • Select/Deselect all colors from a palette.
  • Excluded colors from palette are now properly saved to .ppd files.


  • Change rendering FPS function added.
  • Seamless Looping for animations.


  • Custom sprite particles now allows the use of spritesheets.
  • Custom sprite particles now have an option to change animation speed.
  • Scale change for the pixel render function added.
    • Changing the Scale to <1> disables pixelation, getting the same result as the <Particle Render
  • Change canvas width/height function added. This might cause a crash if using very high numbers


  • Copy Emitters function added.
  • New shortcut: [F] to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • Play/Stop buttons added to the sprite render.


Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.2.zip 22 MB
Jul 23, 2018
Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.2 DEMO.zip 22 MB
Jul 23, 2018

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