Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.4 released!

Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.4 Changelog


  • Timeline added for particles:
    • Press <RMB> to create or delete a keyframe.
    • Press <LMB> to select or move a keyframe.
    • Set the timeline speed.
  • Death and Mid-Life emitters are now properly loaded from older project files.


  • JSON export added.


  • Custom system messages added.
  • Several small UI improvements.
  • New .exe icon.


Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.4.zip 24 MB
Aug 09, 2018
Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.4 DEMO.zip 24 MB
Aug 09, 2018

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I just bought this program and when i tried to save my creation. it wont save anything.

Try to save the file out the main folder of the tool. If you try to save inside the tool folders saves nothing, is a bug.

Thanks! I will try that out.

In version 1.1.3 i didn't have anykind of problems.