Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.5 released!

Pixel Fx Designer v1.1.5 Changelog


  • MacOS version released.
  • Alpha in particles now properly works.
  • Save function split into <Save> and <Save As..>.
  • You can now move all emitters without centering them with <LEFT CONTROL + RMB>.
  • Copying emitters now copy their custom particle too.
  • Custom particles are now properly saved into the .ppd file without alpha loss.
  • Lists are now properly updated after loading a .ppd file.
  • Rearranged some UI for better access.
  • Fixed sliders crash when canceling the input prompt.
  • Paths are now deleted when loading a new .ppd.


  • Subtractive blendmode added.
  • Importing a custom particle sprite will no longer ask you for width/height if the animation speed is set to 0.
  • Square shape is now affected by rotation.
  • Added attractors, points that attract the particles by a given strength.
  • Added custom particle explorer with 1,000 custom particles.
  • Added shape distribution. Change width/height to spread the emitter.
  • You can now rotate custom particles.


  • Added blur effect.
  • Added black and white effect.
  • Effects now properly stack.


PixelFXDesigner115_windows.zip 121 MB
Sep 06, 2018
PixelFXDesigner115_demo_windows.zip 121 MB
Sep 06, 2018
PixelFXDesigner115_macos.app.zip 121 MB
Sep 06, 2018
PixelFXDesigner115_demo_macos.app.zip 121 MB
Sep 06, 2018

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